About Us

Welcome to ExpaTrust community!

We are all expatriates living in Europe, who face the challenges of setting up our life in the new city, it does not matter if it is a newly arrived General Manager or an IT engineer.

We all want to do it in the fastest (we are in a hurry to start living here), smoothest (no more stress, please!) and cheapest way (it’s just a rented location!). Actually all of us have absolutely the same issues when moving in or departing to the next destination.

That was also our personal experience, when moving to Benelux couple of years ago each of us spent hours in shopping malls, IKEA, etc., or searching online for a place where expat dwellers can make smart deals in buying, exchanging or selling stuff for home and life: from furniture items to bikes and books.

Someone might say: pfff… I do not buy the pre-owned furniture! But you might buy a pre-owned bike or painting if it needed just for one year, don’t you? And, we bet, that many of you want to sell or give away unnecessary home things when departing or restyling.

All that pushed us to create the ExpaTrust.com - a trusted and no frills marketplace for the expat community.

You can wonder: what makes it different or better than, let’s say, famous Ebay.com? The answer: our site is very simple to use and it is well targeted at expats life needs. Being huge in content or known by millions is not always a benefit for people who values own time.

ExpaTrust.com has no fees for its members as we are to be financially supported by advertising partners. You deal directly with the owner of the selected item (via email) as well as paying to him, so no any complex payments or commissions via us.

However, we very much care about content and quality of posted ads because we respect you and your needs.

So, join us, invite your friends and let us know if you are having any particular needs in buying of selling – we will do our best to help you!

Sincerely yours,
ExpaTrust Team