Detox your house and earn some money by selling your pre-loved items with us!

How to sell on ExpaTrust?

  1. Snap a picture of your item and submit it with a description using our “SELL” Form. Your listing placement is absolutely free with us.
  2. Your item will be listed online once approved by our curation team. It will be promoted via our campaigns, but it always worth to “Share” it via your Social network for faster selling.
  3. When it sold, simply delete it from your account page to avoid further offers.
  4. To offer your item for FREE, follow the same procedure as for selling and indicate “0” in the price field.

    Enjoy your selling on ExpaTrust!


How to buy on ExpaTrust?

  1. Spot a piece that you like and simply must own, please register or login to contact the Seller.
  2. Click the SELLER NAME button on the right side of the listing page. A screen will pop up and you can send an email to the seller. Do not forget to hit SEND.
  3. You can ask for more specifics, photos or details if desired. You are free to negotiate the asking price, but please handle this with respect to the seller.
  4. All details of the deal (price, way of payment and delivery) are always a subject of mutual agreement between you and SELLER.
  5. When you reach an agreement, exchange payment and delivery details.

    Happy buying on ExpaTrust!