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Here is a list of some of the features that we offer you as a Seller:

  • "My Account" pages allow you to edit your account settings any time you wish... day or night.
  • "Listing" process is very simple to use. Our site guides you through each step of the process which only takes a minute or two before your listing is live on the site.
  • "My Active Listings" page allows you to view a list of your "Active Listings" on the site, as well as, edit those listings.
  • "My Expired Listings" page allows you to view listings that have recently expired on the site.
  • "Messaging System" gives you the ability to communicate with buyers directly from this site without having to open up your email client. Message system offers a "private" setting for you to keep your email private to other sellers and buyers on the site.
  • "Browse by thumbnails" feature allows for the first photo you upload to be displayed as a thumbnail image while visitors are browsing the site.
  • "Seller's Other Listings" link is conveniently located on the listing display page for your potential buyers to view all of your other listings that are currently active on the site.
  • "Tell-a-Friend" link on each listing display page allows visitors to your listing to quickly send an listing's details to a friend using the site's messaging system.
  • "Contact Seller" link is explicitly located on each listing page for your buyers to contact you directly with any questions they may have concerning your listing. The listing title and id is automatically included in the message that is sent for quick reference.

Here is a list of some of the features that we offer for you as a Buyer:

  • "My Account" pages allow you to edit your account settings any time you or night.
  • "Listing Favorites" allows you to keep a list of your "Listings to Watch". Add as many listings to your list as you wish and delete them any time within your personal account pages.
  • "Advanced Search" page allows you to narrow your search or expand your search to meet your exact specifications.
  • "Messaging System" gives you the ability to communicate with sellers directly from this site without having to open up your email client. If the seller replies to your message through the Message system, that message will be stored on this site for you to retrieve later.
  • "Seller's Other Listings" link is conveniently located on the ad display page for you to view all of a particular seller's listings that are currently active on the site.
  • "Tell-a-Friend" link on each listing display page allows you to quickly send an listing's details to a friend using the site's messaging system. No need for email!
  • "Browse by thumbnails" allows you to browse the site previewing thumbnail images of listings without having to first click through to the listing details page.
  • "Contact Seller" link is easily located on each listing page for you to contact the seller directly with any questions you may have concerning their listing. The listing id is automatically included in the message that is sent.


How do I put an item for sale on ExpaTrust?

Selling an item with ExpaTrust is easy. Just register on our site, click on the “Sell” tab (left side menu) and fill out the item application form. Be sure to include as many details as possible including colour, material, condition and product dimensions.

Your request will then be processed by our team and you will receive an email confirming the details of your listing.

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What commission does ExpaTrust take?

The great thing about ExpaTrust is that we currently offer free and unlimited sale uploads onto the site. We do not apply any commission once your item is sold. So hurry up with selling!

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How do I set the sale price for my item?

The price for an item you would like to sell is easily entered when you fill out the Sell application form. It is quicker if you know how much you originally paid for the item and how much similar items are selling for on the ExpaTrust website.

NB! All prices must be entered as whole numbers.

I have filled out a consignment application, when will my item be available online?

ExpaTrust has a dedicated moderating team who check every item on site before it goes live to ensure it meets our quality requirements. We strive to have every item available within 48 hours of receiving the application, however during busy times this might be slightly longer. We apologize in advance if this is the case for you and assure you that your sale is very important to us.

What is the best way of taking successful photos of my item?

Photos are really important to our buyers, and getting them right is key to securing a sale.

When you place your item for sale you can upload up to five photos and we urge you to use all five as the more you add, the more likely your item is to sell.

It's easy to get your photos right, just make sure it shows the whole of your item. Shooting in natural light is preferable (maybe near a window), otherwise just make sure you use fairly powerful indirect lighting.

If you want your item(s) to look really professional, try placing the item against a white or plain-coloured background and take photos from a range of angles.

Finally, ensure the item takes up most of the photo by using the zoom function where necessary. It is also advisable to add a photo of any faults or defects if necessary.

I've been asked for new/extra photos

If you still have the email that we sent, please use the link that we provided.

Alternatively, you can access the same features by logging in to your "Account" and going to the "My Active Listings” tab and clicking on “Manage This Listing"/”Edit Details”.

We might request you for more photos or different quality of existing photo(s) to ensure essential quality and details about your item for successful selling.

Do you accept all brands?

ExpaTrust is dedicated to offering a selection of items and brands that are on trend and of appropriate quality. We might do not accept item if we find it of inappropriate quality or content. The same rule applies to items placed as free because our objective is to keep website content at premium level, not falling into an online flea market concept.

If we refuse an item for sale, this does not compromise its commercial value.

My item has been refused

ExpaTrust is dedicated to only offering high quality of products for sale, therefore we occasionally have to refuse some applications. If your item has been refused by the curation team, you will receive an email explaining the reason. An item may be refused for several reasons:

  • The item is not in a good enough condition (too many tear / wear marks, partially broken , etc);
  • Your item does not fit any of our categories (for example clothes)
  • It is not suitable for the ExpaTrust product range (e.g. too radical, too sexy, etc.);
  • We are not satisfied with level of information or content to process your application (poor description, inappropriate content).

I can't submit my item description

Make sure you have filled out all the required fields. If there are no red crosses and you're still unable to validate the item description, please contact us via contact form.


How do I change my password?

To amend your password, please log in to ExpaTrust, click on "My Account" in the upper right corner of the page, and then click on "My Account Information” at the left side menu list.

Under your key account details press button “Edit My Info”, change your password and save your changes.

I'm not receiving emails from

An email is sent for each step of your order. If you have not received these notifications we advise that you please check your Spam folder. If there is nothing there, please contact us via contact form.

I cannot log in with my email/password

Please verify that you have entered your email and/or password correctly.

If you have any doubts we advise that you re-set your password and follow the 'Forgotten Password' instructions on the “Sign In” page.

I cannot find an item I previously saw on the website

If you are unable to find an item that you have previously seen on the website, it means that the seller withdrew it from sale and it is no longer available.

How do I remove a specific comment on one of my items?

According to our Terms and Conditions, all comments are moderated by our moderation team. If there's something that you find offensive or defamatory, please contact us.


How do I manage selling process of my items

If a potential buyer contacts you (by pressing your name button), you will receive an email alert. You can manage your email communication in My Account / Message Settings. Click on my messages, select relevant one and send a reply.

When the sale is final, you can either ask the buyer to transfer the money into your bank account (if international you'll need your IBAN & SWIFT numbers) or agree that buyer will pay you in cash directly at the moment of picking up the sold item.

In case of sending your item to the buyer, we recommend to send your package after the money is in your account. We suggest you send it by track & trace or registered mail.


How can I buy an item I like

If you spot a piece that you simply must own, click the SELLER NAME button on the right side of the advertisement. A screen will pop up and you can send an email to the seller. Do not forget to hit SEND. You can ask for more specifics, photos or details if desired. Please note that ExpaTrust is not a bidding platform. You are free to negotiate the asking price, but please handle this with respect to the seller.

When you reach an agreement, exchange payment and delivery details.

You can manage your favourite pieces in My Account at the My Favourites section. All your email correspondence will be filed here by advertisement. You will receive an alert by email if you have an answer of the seller.


Who can view my profile?

All members of ExpaTrust can browse our Community and view your profile. If you do not want to share your contact details with other members you can adjust your account settings.

  • Login. Click "My Account" on the top right side of the page
  • Click the "Message Settings" tab on the left side menu
  • Choose “Private Communication”
  • Click “Save Configuration”

I would like further information on an item

Please do ask questions to the seller in the comments box. They will be advised of any new comment and question and should reply promptly.

How can I show that I like an item?

On each product listing, you can click on a "heart" icon above the photo of the item to show that you like it. This does not imply any obligation to purchase.

The items you like will simply appear in your account profile under the "My Favourites" section.

This can be done to remember certain items that you find on the site, to add more personality to your profile or to indicate to a seller that an item is popular. Picking out your favourite items also helps to build up your "interests" for other members of the community and our curating team.

You can 'like' as many items as you wish! If a product gains a lot of interest but does not sell, it can be an indication that the seller needs to lower the price.

I want to delete my account

To delete your account, please contact our help team and they will delete or (upon request) deactivate your account.

Please do ask questions to the seller in the comments box. They will be advised of any new comment and question and should reply promptly.